The Enneagram is a blueprint for finding your way out of ineffective, unfulfilling patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving. It reveals a transformative path for realizing one's enormous gifts and highest potential.

  • Find your Type: Discover your dominant Enneagram Type and deepen your personal self knowledge, advance your leadership capacity while increasing your appreciation of others.   Schedule an Inquiry Typing Session
  • Personal and Team Exploration:  The Enneagram, if used well,  is a detailed map identifying your personality style's movement from a constrictive and rigid  experience to that of a more creative, open and expansive one.  Find out what is possible within your work team and your important relationships.   Dive Deeper Into the Enneagram
  • Enneacross™: A Symbol of Paradox: By combining two powerful symbols, the paradoxical nature of life is examined, personal contradictions and questions explored, and a deeper connection to what is most meaningful created.  This work was co- created w/colleague, Roxanne Howe-Murphy, Ed.D. I Want to Learn More