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Instincts, Ancient Practices and Enlightenment

  • Seattle, Washington United States (map)

The ancient practice of ritual postures is a body-based practice, using breath, sound, and posture to expand our experience and capacity for contact with spirit.  Our instincts are also body-based, aspects of the animal body that, once conscious and functioning harmoniously, move naturally toward the higher instinct for Enlightenment.

Our purpose in this retreat is to open and balance the three body-based instincts, raising their vibration to allow a deeper or higher intelligence to manifest in us.  In this way we redeem the animal body as the vessel for experiencing and expressing Being in the world of manifestation.

In this four-day intensive retreat we will explore the higher expression of Self-Preservation, Sexual, and Social instincts as well as the instinct for Enlightenment using Ecstatic Body Postures and the Cuyamungue Method as the means for experiential learning for opening, listening, and trusting our own direct experience of spirit.

Join Diana Redmond and Belinda Gore, Ph.D

Belinda Gore was a long-time friend and colleague of the late Dr. Felicitas D. Goodman, an internationally renowned anthropologist who discovered in the artwork of indigenous societies a complex tradition of ritual body postures.  For over twenty years Belinda was the President of The Cuyamungue Institute, a center for research and education about ritual body postures near Santa Fe, New Mexico, and currently serves as the Director of Training, traveling international to teach The Cuyamungue Method.

Not only do Belinda and Diana offer a fresh, unique and common-sense approach to the Instincts, but they offer a process and exercises that bring the material home. Exercises that made it obvious to me how my instincts both help and hinder how I can move forward with life’s vision and dreams. Belinda and Diana bring compassion, wisdom and unique insights to this workshop.”

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