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Reclaiming Your Inner Wisdom: A Transformative Journey With Your Inner Critic

Join this vital two-day experiential workshop that will change your life!

Facilitated by Diana Redmond and Curt Micka

Sponsored by Pablo Iturralde Barba 

Day One:  A study of the Inner Critic leading to a deeper relationship with Inner Wisdom

Day-to-day life is full of stressors. And the Inner Critic, a major source of stress,  can create havoc in our personal and professional lives. Whether we obey our Inner Critic, try our best to ignore it, or try to defeat it, this “authoritative” voice within is a part of every personality and takes up an astounding portion of our psychic energy. 

In this first day of the workshop we’ll explore creating a new relationship with our Inner Critic – making space for a deeper and truer source of wisdom to be heard.

Day Two:  A study of the Enneagram:  an integrative system that identifies Nine unique ways of perceiving the world and one's self.

Learn why we all have an Inner Critic and how it operates to keep us safe, but small! We will examine the automatic defense strategies of the nine personality structures that limit our freedom and fuel our inner critic.  By the end of day two you will remember how beautiful, capable, and innately gifted you are and experience an increased level of Emotional Intelligence.

  Come explore the Enneagram and this critical developmental path that will open you to your authentic inner knowing, guidance and natural gifts.